According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, nearly 90,000 counts of child sex abuse are reported every year, with thousands more that go by unreported. In recent years, the number of child sex abuse scandals has increased, revealing vile acts committed by teachers, sports coaches, nurses, and other people entrusted with the safety of children. After the trauma and injury of sexual abuse, victims are entitled to justice and reparations from the parties at fault. The Los Angeles child sex abuse lawyers at Estey Bomberger believe that the perpetrators as well as those whose negligent actions enabled the abuse must be held fully accountable.

Identifying Child Sex Abuse

Sexual abuse of children encompass a wide variety of sexual activity including voyeurism, sexual dialogue, touching of genitals, forcing children to participate in prostitution or pornography, and oral, vaginal, or anal rape. Many children exhibit behavioral, physical, and emotional symptoms after being sexually abused.

  • Behavioral changes often offers the first indications of abuse. The child’s behavior may suddenly change, becoming aggressive towards adults, nervousness, premature sexual provocativeness, and substance abuse.
  • Physical signs of child sex abuse include bruising, signs of physical trauma to the genitals or mouth, bleeding genitals or rectum, STDs, and complaints of pain in the genital area.
  • Emotional symptoms that indicate distress or fear in conjunction with several other symptoms may be signs of child sex abuse.

Consequences of Sexual Abuse

A fifth of all sexually abused children develop long-term psychological problems that can range from chronic depression, low self-esteem, destructive behavior, sexual dysfunction, and multiple personalities. Others may also suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety attacks, emotional instability, and venereal disease. Studies indicate sexually abused children continue to suffer from the negative psychological impact, even into adulthood.

Seeking Justice

Whether your child has been molested or you have suffered from sex abuse as a child, our Los Angeles Sex abuse lawyers can help you secure both justice as well as recover financial compensation for your horrific experience. Criminal cases against the perpetrators fail to acknowledge the role other parties had in enabling the perpetrator to carry out his or her disgusting acts. Whether by negligent supervision, poor hiring practices, or careless licensing of abusive foster parents, our child sex abuse lawyers can help you see all the wrongful parties held responsible for the actions that contributed to you or your loved one’s abuse.

Experienced Sex Abuse Lawyers

With over 70 combined years of handling large damage claims, our attorneys have helped numerous victims secure justice. Most recently, our California sex abuse lawyers secured a $30 million verdict on behalf of a client who had been repeatedly sexually abused in a foster home. For many of our clients, a successfully resolved case often brings about closure and the means to move on. To learn more about your rights, please call us today. All inquiries are confidential, and a free consultation can be arranged at our offices or in the privacy of your own home.