$30 Million

John Doe v. Giarretto

VERDICT for physical and sexual abuse a child endured due to the negligence of a private company that licensed the foster home where child was placed for four years.

$14 Million

John Doe v. Roe School District

SETTLEMENT for traumatic brain injury and stroke resulting from improper supervision.

$10.7 Million

Richeson v. Tovey/Shultz Construction

VERDICT in construction accident injury case resulting from 20-foot fall through unsecured plywood platform at construction site in Riverside, CA.

$5 Million

Zitz-Evancich vs. City of Los Angeles

SETTLEMENT involving brain injury to husband and death to wife against the City of Los Angeles pertaining to vehicle accident.

$3.2 Million

Zhang Case

SETTLEMENT arising from fatal 2009 rear-end car accident on State Route 60 in Riverside County, CA.

$3 Million

Child Molestation Case

SETTLEMENT for negligent supervision / child molestation at private school in San Diego.

$2.3 Million

Wilson Case

SETTLEMENT for serious injuries resulting from high-speed rear-end car accident on Interstate 8.

$2.1 Million

Confidential v. DeMordaigle

JUDGMENT on behalf of two teenage boys against their schoolteacher for sexual abuse.

$2 Million

Sinkule v. Marum

VERDICT for wrongful death resulting from an assault.

$1.65 Million

Plaintiff G. vs. City of San Diego , et al.

SETTLEMENT for child’s spinal injuries in road design case against City of San Diego.

$1.5 Million

Plaintiff O. v. SVSM

SETTLEMENT for multiple broken bones and numerous other damages, including traumatic brain injury against SVSM for negligent operation of the swap meet.

$23 Million

Matt Doe v. Los Angeles Unified School District

VERDICT a Los Angeles jury awarded a young victim represented by Estey Bomberger a verdict of $23 million resulting from sexual abuse by his former elementary school teacher, Forrest Stobbe.

$13.8 Million

Dugan v. LIGA

VERDICT for wife and children of deceased plastic surgeon who died in the crash of a single engine aircraft.

$8 Million

Leavitt v. Ultramar

SETTLEMENT for multiple broken bones and other injuries suffered when plaintiff’s welding caused an oil storage tank to explode at a refinery.

$6.5 Million

Doe v. Pacific Health Systems

VERDICT for institutional negligent supervision resulting in child molestation of two boys in outpatient substance abuse program.

$3.3 Million

Logan v. LACMTA

SETTLEMENT for multiple injuries (bus v. pedestrian) including extensive degloving injury to the lower extremity.

$3.2 Million

Benavidez v. Franklin

SETTLEMENT for multiple injuries including brain injury arising from auto and motorcycle collision.

$2.2 Million

Baney Case

SETTLEMENT for severe leg injury to ex-pro baseball pitcher in pedestrian versus automobile accident.

$2.05 Million

Standley v. Laub, MW Reid Welding

SETTLEMENT for multiple injuries including spinal fracture requiring surgery in motor vehicle v. pedestrian accident.

$2 Million

Von During Case

SETTLEMENT involving a doctor who failed to perform an AFP blood test during pregnancy resulting in birth of a child with physical defects.

$1.55 Million

Plaintiff A. vs. Underwriters Laboratories

SETTLEMENT for burn injuries to 3-year old child from Christmas tree fire.

$1.4 Million

Plaintiff E. v. State of California

SETTLEMENT of sister of decedent for her emotional distress resulting from seeing her sister crushed by building panel during an earthquake.

$18.5 Million

Luke Acuna Case

SETTLEMENT The City of San Diego agreed to an $18.5 million settlement, which is believed to be the largest settlement of its type ever paid by San Diego.

$17.5 Million

Qualls vs. Case Corporation

VERDICT in products liability case against manufacture of loader/backhoe on behalf of triplegic.

$13.0 Million

Defective Products Case

SETTLEMENTS for individuals who lost sense of smell due to homeopathic cold remedy.

$6 Million

Lebsack Case

Settlement for major injury Interstate 10 wrong-way crash caused by drunk driver with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .41 driving company-provided work truck.

$3.3 Million

Doe v. Roe

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT for sexual misconduct of hospital employee to patient.

$3 Million

Seneff Case

SETTLEMENT for wrongful death in fatal car accident in June 2010 in Menifee, CA.

$2.1 Million

Plaintiff D. v. Kwan

SETTLEMENT involving multiple deaths in downtown apartment fire, which was caused by the intentional arson committed by a relative of all the victims.

$2.02 Million

Todd vs. County of Los Angeles

VERDICT for severe back injuries to bus driver due to sewer cover cracking and flying into the undercarriage of the bus.

$1.75 Million

Xa/Truong vs. Fleming Chen, M.D. & San Gabriel Valley Hospital

SETTLEMENT in medical malpractice case for severe injuries to infant due to alleged negligence in birth process.

$1.54 Million

Bird Case

VERDICT alleging Bad Faith for failure to promptly pay $10,000 underinsured policy limit.