The Day of the Injury

On January 26, 2007, in the City of Banning, California, Defendant David Goff’s was traveling on the eastbound I-10 freeway (in various lanes) at 75-80 mph. In the minutes prior to the collision, Goff’s erratic driving was seen by a number of witnesses. One of which called 911 to report Goff’s radical behavior weaving all over the road. Near Sunset Boulevard, Goff suddenly turned left into the center divider and jumped his vehicle over the guardrail present at that location. His truck continued at approximately 80 mph in an easterly direction in the #1 lane of the west bound I-10 freeway. Plaintiff was traveling westbound in that same lane at the same time. She tried to avoid the head-on collision by turning to the left, but was unsuccessful. The resulting impact destroyed both Mrs. Lebsack’s vehicle and Goff’s pickup truck. Mrs. Lebsack, initially unconscious, awoke and found herself in great pain. She was trapped in her vehicle for approximately one hour after the collision until emergency personnel were able to extricate her from her vehicle with the “jaws of life.”

Injuries and Claims

As a result of the collision Mrs. Lebsack suffered multiple injuries. The most critical of those injuries were immediately addressed by her physicians at Riverside Medical Center. She was noted to have deep lacerations and a degloving injury below the left knee approximately ten inches in length with the bone exposed. She was further noted to have an many more injuries that were discovered during her multiple surgeries.
Mrs. Lebsack was also unable to continue her career where she had been working for the past eleven years. Plaintiff’s treating physicians and retained expert universally agree that she will never be able to seek gainful employment due to her physical limitations and chronic pain syndrome.


Plaintiff settled with $6.6 million which will help with her medical needs.