Dog Bite Accident: Cuts / Lacerations

Lacerations are a Common Consequence of Dog Bites

Since the inception of our firm back in 1994 we have been representing victims of serious cuts and lacerations caused by dog attacks. Unfortunately, due to the violent nature of dog attacks, these kinds of injuries are common. If you or someone you love has suffered cuts and lacerations due to the negligence of another, you may have a strong claim to compensation.

What Factors Determine the Viability of Your Claim?

Liability: Who is to blame for the accident? Is liability clear cut or are there other circumstances that could make proving liability difficult?

Coverage: Does the responsible party have insurance? If so, what type of policy do they have? How much money is out there to be pursued?

Damages: What damages were inflicted as the result of the accident? The idea here is simple; in cases where damages are great, the potential amount to be recovered is great as well.

You May Have a Claim to Compensation
Yellow-Check-MarkDog attacks frequently cause serious injuries due to cuts and lacerations. If you’re suffering from a serious laceration injury because of a dog bite, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Estey & Bomberger, LLP represents victims of dog attacks in personal injury lawsuits.

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