Pedestrian Accident: Burn Injuries

Serious Burn Injuries are a Common Consequence of Pedestrian Accidents

Since the inception of our firm back in 1994 we have been representing victims who who suffered serious burn injuries as the result of a pedestrian accident. If you or someone you love has suffered burn injuries to the negligence of a driver, you may have a strong claim to compensation.

What Factors Determine the Viability of Your Claim?

Liability: Who is to blame for the accident? Is liability clear cut or are there other circumstances that could make proving liability difficult?

Coverage: Does the responsible party have insurance? If so, what type of policy do they have? How much money is out there to be pursued?

Damages: What damages were inflicted as the result of the accident? The idea here is simple; in cases where damages are great, the potential amount to be recovered is great as well.

You May Have a Claim to Compensation
Yellow-Check-MarkPedestrian accidents frequently cause burn injuries. If you suffered a serious burn injury in a pedestrian accident, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Estey & Bomberger, LLP represents victims of pedestrian accidents in personal injury lawsuits.

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Mike Bomberger explains pedestrian accident cases:

Our Pedestrian Accident Case Results:


Logan v. LACMTA

SETTLEMENT for multiple injuries (bus v. pedestrian) including extensive degloving injury to the lower extremity.


Baney Case

SETTLEMENT for severe leg injury to ex-pro baseball pitcher in pedestrian versus automobile accident.

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