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Los Angeles Lawyers for Back, Neck and Spine Injuries

As personal injury attorneys we represent individuals who have suffered injuries because of an accident. The clients who come to us normally have experienced increased expenses as a result of the injury, and our job is to advocate for their fair compensation through the legal system.

Back injuries are one of the more common injuries that our clients come to us with.

From a practical perspective, there are several reasons why back injuries are among the most costly form of bodily injury, including:

  • Inability to work

  • On-going medical treatment

  • On-going pain and suffering

  • Secondary injuries

For these reasons, it’s critical that when an individual suffers a back injury during an accident for which he was not liable, that he has an advocate responsible for obtaining fair compensation.

We only take on cases in which, after extensive review, we determine that the client has a legitimate claim to compensation. Our past results in cases that we have determined to be viable are impressive.

Mike Bomberger discusses spinal cord injury cases: